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Wednesday 20th March 2019-California

Swell definitely picked up! Surfed the harbour in the morning and might have been on the wrong board! I rode the 5'11 Epoxy, it still went good but my magic 6'0 might have gone better! I rode that in the evening when the wind picked up and found it worked good and cut through the chop better than my epoxy.

All images captured by Josh Varela

I head back to Wales on April 7th. Trying to rack up as much water time as I can before I get home, ready for a few contests I will have when I get back! Also trying to keep my fitness up in the gym here and make sure I don't eat too much crap whilst I'm out here.

Also wanted to talk about the deck pads I use on all of my surfboards. For me, my choice of grip is Obsessive Disorder surf hardware. These guys have supported me for a few years and to be honest, even if there wasn't a sticker on my board I would still be using their products.

I love the way the pads are simple, block colours and really pop on the boards. I also use their leashes and they are amazing. Have used them all over the world and never snapped one.

Anyway, thats my opinion on them. If you want to look more into it here is a link to their website:

Thats me done for the day! Pretty same same so far on the blog but hope to mix it up in the future, maybe slam some workouts I do or a day in the life or something.

See ya next time

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