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2020 Carve Magazine Feauture!

Just a quick update:

Really stoked to get a feature shot in this months Carve Magazine! One of the U.K.’s biggest surfing mags and I’ve managed to get a half page spread of a shot taken by Tim Bow from an epic session I had towards the end of last year.

This photo was snapped at a rare spot that only works a couple times a year. Tide, wind and swell all need to line up perfectly for this break to really show what it can do, some golden lighting doesn’t hurt either!

Have a look below at a few more shots from this super session, a mixture of photos from Tim and my good friend Taylor Owen Mason...

Looking forward to the strong winds we have been having here in Wales to die down and to score more epic waves!

Hope you enjoyed checking out these images, and be sure to pick up this months edition of Carve! For more of Tim & Taylor’s work, check out their Instagrams: @timboss81 & @surflife_photography

catch ya later (-;

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