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Monday 1st April 2019-California

Been MIA all of last week! Not much different to the other days though! Swell was really solid for the whole week and got a lot of training done! Surfing twice or three times a day definitely took its toll, so yesterday I just had a quick hour in the morning and then rested for the remainder of the day. Swell has dropped off a bit today, headed down to the harbour this morning and rode my 6'0 Logo Pro.

Left: Watermark 5'6 Roundnose Fish Right: Puravida 6'0 Logo-Pro

My Epoxy has been in for repair, but Oliver Levenson of Watermark Surf let me borrow this 5'6 Round Nose Fish that he had in his shop as a demo. He originally shaped it for Chris Ward and now it us up for sale! Needless to say, this afternoon, low tide by the pier I had an absolute blast!!

Despite the waves being only 2ft this morning I took the 6'0 out down at the harbour. When me and Jim of Puravida Surfboards designed the Logo Pro, we wanted a board that would go well in good waves. Despite what Jim says, I think the Logo pro is a great all rounder, and I find it works in everything. Must have something to do with the rocker that Jim puts into his boards but they seem to fly no matter what the conditions!

Definitely missing my epoxy though, excited for it to be back up and running!!

Below are a couple waves shot by Andrew Riojas of me surfing the Logo Pro in less than average waves! She flies!!

Anyways, I come home on Saturday 6th April so I am making the absolute most of my time out here, I know the waves at home are pretty dire at the moment!! In other news, Equinox Kombucha are doing a give away on their Instagram Page! To get involved, all you have to do is head over to @equinoxkombucha on Instagram, hit their new post and follow the instructions for your chance to win!

Good luck erryone!!

I'm hoping to be able to reveal some exciting news this week, so stay tuned and I will keep you updated! If you've read this far, you're a legend and clearly the waves aint frothing wherever you are haha!!

Catch you next thyme,

Logie :)

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