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Friday 22nd March 2019-California

FINALLY!!! Took a trip up to the famous Lower Trestles, San Clemente. The spot never disappoints and today was no different. Scored clean head high waves without much wait between sets! Only 25/30 guys out (which for lowers is pretty quiet) and it got quieter the longer I was in!

Unfortunately didn't have a photog with me, and the way that I walked I wasn't able to take my phone across the river that has bust due to all of the rain, Southern California has been having recently! But you can trust me, it was pumping! I even saw, Dane Gudauskas in the line up, he was ripping.

The Jacks Pro is currently being held up in Huntington, which is why there wasn't too much of a crowd. Really wanted to enter that contest, but due to funds wasn't able to afford it :(

Got a few photos from the other day, bit gloomy but some fun waves were to be had by the harbour!

Shots by Josh Varela.

Still been riding the magic 6'0, but think i will jump back onto the Epoxy this weekend as the swell gets cleaner and a bit smaller, picking back up on Sunday though. Might have to pull the step up out for that one!

Anyway, me and Kayla topped the day off with some Sushi! Bit spendy for my liking but it tasted amazing!!

Sushi from Wrench&Rodent

Should get a few sick surfs in over the weekend! Will try 2 share em' all with you.


Logie ;)

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