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Monday 8th April 2019-First Day Home!

Back home finally! After an absolutely amazing time in California with a massive thanks to Kayla Boatright I arrived back yesterday afternoon. Pretty J-lagged today but am battling through it!

A few images from a couple of surfs I had just before leaving CA. Taken by Josh Varela.

My Favourite Drink accompanied by some home-made cakes!

How lucky am I to come home to this!

My first drink back in the U.K. was Equinox Kombucha's original blend. Sometimes it's nice to keep it simple and easy.

Mum made some Vegan cakes as well (don't mean they're healthy) so I slammed that down and tried to hit the sack! Definitely feeling the effects of the 8 hour time change, woke up at 3am and didn't get back to sleep!

A photo from a beach scenario at Whitmore Bay last season

This week I'm going to be training with the RNLI ready for the 2019 season. Was a blast working for them last year as a casual and look forward to this year returning as a part time lifeguard, which will allow me to stay flexible for contests and trips throughout the summer months! Looking forward to also working at the Porthcawl Surf School teaching surfing this summer as well!

Forecast looking promising this week...

On a more surf related note, the waves are looking pretty fun this week! With the days getting light at 6am and not dark until 8:30pm I should be able to get dawnies and evening sessions in around my RNLI training! Me and dad have our alarms set early for tomorrow as the waves look pumping!

Not looking forward to the ice cream head aches mind. Probably won't stick a hood on, see how long I can bare the brown freezer for!

Anyways, let you know how it goes,

Nyce Wun ;)


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