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Wednesday 13th March 2019-California

First blog post! Going to be using this blog to ramble on about things that are too long and boring for Instagram.

I have been in California for a week now! Had a few great surfs, and a few not so great ones, haha! I've got a brand new Puravida Epoxy Groveller, exact dimensions are 5'11X19.25X2.30! Feels really good at the moment, took a bit of getting used to the epoxy construction. Note to self, epoxy's work better in clean waves.

Puravida Epoxy

I've got the Blue Obsessive Disorder 3 Piece deck grip and it looks and feels great!

Also, got a new sticker on my surfboard from Equinox Kombucha! I have been lucky enough to gain their backing for the 2019 season and I couldn't be more stoked! I have been drinking Kombucha for a couple of years now and personally use it as a great substitute for fizzy drinks. With less than 50 calories per bottle, and being naturally carbonated (it's fermented tea) its definitely the healthy option. My favourite flavour is the Raspberry & Elderflower.

My delivery from Equinox Kombucha!

Keeping em' cold :)

Waves out here in CA have just picked up, today I actually grabbed my 6'0 Puravida Logo Pro as it was a solid 3ft by the pier. Going to keep up my training whilst I'm out here, I'm averaging about 2 surfs per day and getting a workout in most days, so I feel less guilty about all the burgers I'm eating!

This image was of me surfing the North Side of the Pier in, Oceanside, CA! The old trusty 6'0 went well when it got a bit more punchy! I have had this board for over a year and it is still going strong. Great to have something you can really rely on when you need it!

This is a screen grab I took from a clip of me surfing the harbour. It was fun to get the epoxy on rail. Even in the smaller stuff it flew! Excited to get some more surfs on it!

Anyway, I think that is enough rambling on for today! Will do my best to do daily updates, not all will be as long as this I am sure. I have some exciting things in the works at the moment that I can't wait to share! Stay tuned for more content soon!

Nice one,


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Where do you buy the Kombucha from in UK?

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