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Thursday 14th March 2019-California

Had a good couple of surfs today! Me and Josh Varela went and shot at Encinitas (pictures pending) for the afternoon! Oliver Levinson from Watermark Surfboards wanted me to try out a performance round nose fish whilst I was there. I love trying out new shapes and definitely think theres something to be said for surfing boards from the different shapers in that part of the world.

Watermark Surf-Performance fish!

My 5'11 Puravida Epoxy next to the Watermark Performance fish

The Fish went great, super drivey and paddled super easy but as the waves were smallish and pretty punchy I spent most of my time on my 5'11 Epoxy. Enjoying my Epoxy more and more, have definitely gotten used to the board now and love it in waves under 3ft.

Hopefully will have the photos from my surfs recently and will get em' up when I do!

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