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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

It's been a couple weeks since my boat trip to the Maldives, and thought i'd compile a list of some stuff I think are essential for a successful trip. Dive in below:

1. Suncream + Sunblock (Zinc)

This stuff was priceless during our time on the boat. The higher the SPF the better, and if you can get some zinc to cover high risk areas like your nose, ears and cheeks you're onto a winner. Even with 50 SPF suncream re-applying 3 times+ per day, we all still cooked like welsh lobsters on the boat. Definitely a must have!

2. Rash Vest/Rashy Tee Shirt

Once again, a bit of sun and stomach protection from rubs and rashes.These ones above are all SPF 50. I used the tee-shirt rashies as they are nice and loose and feel more like a shirt than a tight rashy. When you're home from your trip, they also double up as a good gym top so its a win win really. You can find the ones I used above from Animal HERE.


This one is an obvious can never have enough wax! I've got a solid stash and brought a fair few bars with me. The boys did a god job at relieving me of a load and my bag went home a lot lighter than it did on the way there. I took 4 boards with me and used every one of them. Remember, there ain't no surf shops out to sea so bring more than you think and your friends will always nick some from you anyway.


Obsessive Disorder Leash

Notice how I say Leashes (plural) once again, no surf shop out at sea. I brought 3 leashes with me as did all of the other boys. Worst thing to happen would be if you snapped all of your leggy's and it's pumping. Also worth doing some research on the size of waves you're going to be riding to decide what type of leash you'll need. The leashes I used whilst I was away by Obsessive Disorder can be found HERE.

5. Under Shorts/Under Vests

Another essential that I never used to think about, but I wouldn't go on a surf trip to a tropical location without em! I didn't have an under vest, but the boys who did said it was awesome in helping with rib-rub on the board. I used the undershorts every single surf, these things meant I had no nut chafe or leg rub from the board and also I found they helped prevent sea lice bites as well. Defo recommend!

6. Dry Bag

The Darwin Explorer Bag From Animal

Another useful item to have with you is a dry bag. When we would jump on the little 'doheny' to get too and from the breaks, you can stick all the essentials you might need in your bag, without the worry of it getting soaked. Perfect for transporting sun screen, wax, mobile phones and towels, I would definitely recommend one for anyone embarking on a boat trip. The one I used and that is pictured above can be found HERE.

7. Reef Booties

A bit of a controversial one, especially on a boat trip. Why would you need booties if you're not hoping over a reef to get to the waves? Some spots on our trip were more than fine, and your feet wouldn't even touch the coral. But at other places, namely Cokes that were shallow and easy to get caught inside on. You were glad that you had reef booties on so you could stand up and jump over the white water. I got caught a couple of times and ended up having to starfish over the super shallow, urchin covered reef! Jim got a foot full of urchins on one session as well. So whilst reef tabbies may not ALWAYS be necessary, they for sure aren't a bad call to have with you. I really like these Solite Boots. They make a great 2mm reef boot with their heat mould technology. It really feels like you're barefoot. Check those out HERE.

8. First Aid Kit full of essentials

These things came in handy for obvious reasons. Reef cuts, urchins and headaches, a first aid kit is a must have. Make sure its got:

  • Plasters

  • Second Skin Spray

  • Iodine

  • Bandage

  • Rehydration Packs

  • Tweezers

  • Gauze

  • Antiseptic wipes


Obviously, a good pair of board shorts is essential. Make sure they're stretchy, comfy and it definitely helps if they look good too ;) Bring a few pairs with you, especially if you aren't used to wearing boards in the surf. Some pairs might rub your legs, or may get a bit loose so always good to have some options! The ones I used on the trip can be found HERE.


Finally, a good pair of sunnies with full UBV+UVA protection is a must have! The sun is bright, and you're on a boat so its hard to escape. Ensuring your sunglasses are quality is important as cheap sunnies can actually damage your eyes by causing them to relax thinking they're being protected but allowing damaging rays into your eyes.

I trust and use Animal sunglasses that can be found HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog, and if you're heading off on a boat trip, I am very Jealous but ENJOY! Make sure you pack everything above and don't forget your surfboards!

I am headed to Portugal in 2 weeks to compete with the Welsh Team in the European Championships! The welsh team is totally self funded by the athletes, so we have set up a crowd funder: and if you could donate and share this link, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading! Catch you soon.

Logie ;)

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Aug 27, 2021

Greaat blog post

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