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2021!?! What will this year bring?

Photo by Dylan Pegg

Well, 2020 was a crazy one...full of ups and downs (mostly downs) and a lot of doing...not much. I think everyone learned something from 2020 and I personally have taken away a lot: appreciate the little things, make the most of what you have and realise the importance of family.

Heading into the new year, I think we are all filled with a bit of hope, surely this year can't be as bad as the last?!? Fingers crossed I'll get to go on my summer holiday this year!! And, there's no way loo roll companies can have anywhere near as good of a year as they did last year?!? Whatever happens, I think we can all take away the lessons we learned from 2020 and apply them to this new beginning.

Slotted: Snapped by The Bronzed Adonis (The Gill)

For myself, I am focused on ensuring I am ready for whenever contests resume and I have my eyes firmly set on chasing as many of the European WQS events as I can afford to attend, as well as competing here on home turf. A Welsh title certainly sounds enticing and a good finish in the British cup are amongst some of my goals for this new season. I am also excited for when I am able to return to work after lockdown measures are removed as we had a belter of a season at Porthcawl Surf School last year.

The first WQS event is scheduled for the end of February in Morocco so I have my eyes locked onto that. Despite it currently being in the tentative status, I have my fingers crossed that it will run and the 2021 contest season can start rolling.

Mark Deboer Lloyd caught this one whilst bird watching

Whatever happens this year, I'll be ready. And despite starting off with a seemingly never ending flat spell, I am determined to tackle 2021 head on and make the most of it!

Catch you in the water soon,


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