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Best Winter EVER?!? British Nationals Next Week!

Welsh Barrel With Logan Nicol Observing
One of the best winters I have had - caught here by The Gill

What a winter ay!?! One of the best ones I think I have personally ever witnessed. With wind and swell lining up week after week, the endless stream of pumping surf seemed to take most of the edge off a cold, bleak winter. I definitely feel for my friends who were not able to make it to the ocean because of the lockdown rules - I owe you all a couple of sets. I feel fortunate to have received a right-to-travel pass from Sports Wales with the help of the WSF which meant I could get to the water during our tough restrictions. Especially living where I do; without this continuing my training would have been really hard.

Little black & white punt snapped by the man they call "Mark The Boxer"

I've had some great surfs this winter, with not much work due to restrictions, I've had loads of time to focus on my surfing and work on the weaker parts of my game. Whether it be airs, barrels or flow, I definitely feel like I have jumped a good few levels with the extra rubber on and am excited to get back into contest mode and see what difference the extra practice has made.

Alun Richards floating somewhere above this little nugget and clicking the shutter just at the right time!

Loads of the local beaches (and the not so local ones) have lit up this winter offering up a variety of conditions. Whilst I stayed mostly in 'da vale' I did stray a bit further a field during a few storms we had and managed to score some super fun waves. It's also been great to get some training done on a couple days recently at the beachies and points around home. Have done a couple sessions with Simon as well as Sam just to get some different perspectives on where my surfing could improve and change and feel like these have helped loads! Cheers guys!

Shot from Malcom Anderson of a trip up to Scotland a while back

I'm currently writing this little blog on the last day of waves before a flat spell arrives. A much needed flat spell as I'm pretty surfed out and trying to get my body rested up ready for the British Nationals next week up in Thurso where I will be representing Wales! In the last British, I managed a 4th place so I'm hoping to better that result up in Scotland and who knows, maybe even bring home the red ribbon! On Tuesday, I'll have to get a covid test in order to be able to travel up to the highlands to compete on the weekend! Once we're there, it looks like the team will be under pretty strict covid regs and will have to stay in the hotel unless we're surfing our heat or possibly for organised free surfs! These rules are pretty nuts but i suppose a reflection of the time we're in! I'll be driving up with Patrick and it looks like there is a solid swell for the event so i'm amped...wish me luck!

I've also got to say a huge thank you to all my sponsors who are making it possible for me to get ready for and up to the British:

Without the support of these guys, I really wouldn't be able to do what I do! Go and show them some love :)

Pagans Vlogs are tip don't unfollow Pat!

Speaking of the mukka, me and pat are back trying to get the odd clip out when we can on the youtube! Hopefully will have a few more coming out soon as well as a video of how the British Nationals in Scotland goes! Check out our most recent clip HERE

clicking in the FCS Kolohe's before a surf caught by Taylor Owen Mason

But, apart from that I'll be making sure my equipment is ready and I'm set for whatever the rest of 2021 throws. With things looking up across the globe I excited to see what happens next!

Till' next time, stay safe and get in the water!

Loges x :)

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