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The Wave, Bristol...First Impressions!

I recently made a trip, hopping over the border to the newly installed inland surfing facility, The Wave, Bristol. I had such an amazing experience at the pool, not only the waves but the atmosphere on site, the food and surf shop were epic.

Finding some 'pop' in the pool on the back-hand

I saw a lot of mixed feedback on social media and in some articles, so I went to The Wave with pretty low expectations on what the experience would be like. It's fair to say I was blown away with how fun it was. I must emphasise the word 'fun'. You're not going to go to The Wave, Bristol and get the barrel of your life or have a mind blowing session, at least not on the current setting.

Tucking into a tight insider at The Wave

However, you will get more waves than you know what to do with, have an absolute ball with your mates and come out with a massive smile..what more can you ask for?!?

The LEGEND that is 'Rhino' showing just how he achieved that status

My Dad @c_nici taught me everything I know..but not everything he knows

My Dad and Rhino (pictured above) loved The Wave and were absolutely ripping! The best advice I could give anyone who's heading to the pool would be to get your surf fitness up! You are absolutely ruined after an hour there because of the amount of waves you're able to catch and the length of ride you get on each wave. BE PREPARED!

Working out the punchy inside section on the forehand!

In terms of improving your surfing, I can only see The Wave as a positive. The amount of waves you can catch per hour and the fact that EVERY wave has the potential for 3 or more turns, means that you can practice manoeuvres over and over and over again on the exact same section. This is something that you simply cannot get from the ocean and is super exciting!

Kicking it out the back on a left!

Its going to be nuts when they up the settings to the bigger waves which I have heard they will be doing very soon. I'm super excited to head back ASAP and see how they improve the wave and hopefully get some pits! Fair play, thoroughly recommended. Make sure you have a thick wetsuit and some warm booties (I wore the 5/4/3 Phoenix Pro with the non hooded attachment and 3mm Custom Solite Boots) with you though as the water is FREEZING at the moment!

Sending the fins flying' on the inside!

Thanks to Taylor Owen Mason (@surflife_photography on Insta) for all of the shots above! I'll make sure I keep you all updated when I next head up the wave!

For a more in depth look at my experience at The Wave, Bristol along with loads of questions answered. Check out the Video me and Pat Dark (@patrickldark on Insta) made from the trip HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this blog! Stay tuned for more of my adventures!

Logie ;)

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