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I just arrived back from my week long trip away to the Maldives, Northern Male Atolls and thought I would do a little write up on how my trip went!

Of course, I had the most amazing time on the boat. There was 8 of us total (all surfers) and we were on the Perfect Wave Northern Male Atolls trip. Our boat was called the Cobia, it was pretty cosy but did the job, we were surfing all day every day so only really on the boat to eat and sleep!

We scored super fun waves, most days were pretty average size around 3ft but we did have a couple of days of 4-5ft which was sick. There were loads of right handers which I was stoked about as it gave me an opportunity to work on linking my forehand turns together!

Jamming an inside one on a blustery afternoon at Cokes

The main spots we surfed were: Cokes, Jailbreaks, Sultans and Chickens! 3 of those are right handers, safe to say the goofy footers were tamping! My favourite wave was Jailbreaks, we had a few sessions there with perfect waves and just us out which definitely made us like it even more! Jails is a long right hand point break with barrel and turn sections throughout. Everyone had good surfs there, but Sultans, which was the break on the next island over was really good and super consistent.

On the way back from a marathon session at Sultans

What I didn't realise was how bloody busy the Maldives were! For uninhabited islands, there wasn't a shortage of frothing surfers from all around the globe! We spent most of our down time trying to plan what spots to hit and when in order to avoid other boats pulling up and joining us. We found the best time to surf was when everyone else was eating, so waiting a bit longer in the morning for people to get out for breakfast, or doing a marathon lunchtime surf to make the most of the empty time in the water. The crowds didn't matter too much, as there were plenty of waves to go around!

Fair play, accommodation was "compact" to say the least! No centimetre of useable space was wasted on the boat! But it was perfect for a group of surfers, and everything was well thought out, from the shower in the mini-bathroom to the bed positioning in the cabins. We spent most of our time up in the top deck, where you can check out what the waves are doing, catch some rays or stretch out and get ready for your next surf!

Enjoying the views on the last night up on top deck

Safe to say, we had an epic trip and as soon as it was over we were all talking about wanting to book the next one! I would definitely recommend the Maldives as a surf destination for any level of surfer! Just make sure you take plenty of sun screen!

Thanks to all the boys for being legends and making the trip so great!

All of the clothing & surf wear I was using on the trip was from check out their site and if you see anything you like, get 20% off any full priced item until June 30th by using promo code LOGAN20 at checkout!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! I will do some more post about my trip on here and my social media. Going to do a Boat Trip Essentials post soon so you can be more prepared than I was for your trip! Cheers, Logie!

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