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European Championships 2019!

Haven’t done a blog post in a while as I’ve been pretty busy but going to try get back on the ball with it now!

A couple of of weeks ago I arrived back from the European Championships held in Santa Cruz, Portugal. I had an amazing trip with team wales and ended up finishing 19th overall with team wales finishing 8th position overall!

The A Team (Angh behind the lens)

Of course, I felt like I could've gone further as you always do but I learnt so so much in this event which I hope I can take into future comps. Hanging out with the team and watching everyone making heats was a great feeling and one I won't forget!

Pre-Heat Warm Up

Getting to watch all of the other heats and what scores were given for what rides really opened my eyes and I took so much away from the whole experience. It has really made me hungry to push my surfing to the next level as I want to be in contention for finals at events like these.

Chairing The Champ Mr.Quinn Up The Beach

A big congratulations to Evan who took out 3rd place in the longboard! What a legend and absolute shredder, look forward to doing more contests and trips with this guy. And of course, Jay boy, who managed to win AGAIN! I learn so much from watching and surfing with Jay and he is a great target for me to aim my surfing towards. Well deserved win.

Reppin' the epic welsh kit provided by Puravida!

We got some awesome waves whilst we were in Portugal and I had some of the best sessions ever! Pretty much surfed myself out every single day and loved it all! A great place to be able to train and somewhere I would love to come back to in the future.

Smiled The Whole Trip!

And finally, I want and need to say a massive thank you to my sponsors, team mates, surf club, the WSF and my family for all their support and making this trip possible. Hopefully I can do even better next time!!

Onwards and Upwards!

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