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California September 2019

Just arrived back from an amazing 3 week trip to California! I had an amazing time and actually scored some pumping waves. I stayed in Oceanside as usual and was pretty lazy, sticking to surfing the pier most of the time.

An action shot captured by John Fletcher on the North Side of the Pier.

Upon arrival I was stoked to find out the water temp was 22 degrees C! And, as the airline I flew with really helpfully lost my boards and wetsuits for a few days. So I was stuck surfing a borrowed board from Oliver at Watermark Surfboards in my boardies until my bag finally arrived.

Enjoying a drink, post pier surf

I had with me a 6'0 Logo Pro, a 5'10 Super Star and a 5'11 Puravida Epoxy. The water was so warm at the beginning of my trip I bounced between board shorts and the NOVA 3.2 shortie but it definitely cooled down towards the end, even a few surfs getting chilly in my full 3.2! However, waves pumped the whole trip and the weather was perfect so absolutely no complaints.

A typical Californian sunset eating dinner at the Pier

I even managed to make a trip up north to Pismo Beach, CA. Billabong were running a contest called Still Frothy at the pier there and kindly allowed me to enter! I had a bit of a shocker, getting knocked out first round :( but seeing the likes of CJ Hopgood and Josh Kerr shredding around the contest site made the loss a bit easier to handle.

California is always such a good place to get training done; surfing, running, gym, burrito eating. It's all so accessible in so cal. The standard of surfing in the water every session is so high, so you're constantly getting pushed each time you surf. I should become a sales rep for Visit California haha, but it really is that good.

Learning the 'pop' on the North Side shot by Fletcher

My goal whilst I was out there was to work on my aerials. I had 3 weeks to focus on improving my technique in the air. I was trying to work on three key things: Rotation, Keeping my weight over my board and projecting towards the beach. I feel like I'm able to do 2 of these things at any one time but not the key third one! I'm sure I'll get there and I for sure made progress practicing out in cali...I just need more ramps now.

A little release on an inside one at the harbour

As you can probably tell, I had an amazing trip. I ate my weight in dirty fries and sushi and surfed a sh*t load. I can't wait to go back! Contest this weekend and then I'm off to Thurso, Scotland next week for a trip with my dad and a few of the boys so keep your eyes peeled for clips and shots!! Praying for waves :P

Till next time.

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