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Surf Snowdonia Surfboard Testing Trip!!

Last week, I headed up to Surf Snowdonia (Adventure Parc Snowdonia) on a board testing trip with Puravida Surfboards!

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Popping off the end section at Adventure Parc Snowdonia

It's safe to say we got the job done. With waves literally on tap it was super helpful being able to test out different shapes on the exact same wave over and over again!

I was super impressed at how well all of the boards went. I tried nearly every single shape in the Puravida Surfboards range (besides the longboards) and they all went great! A bit of extra volume in the boards definitely didn't hurt. The wave at Adventure Parc Snowdonia isn't as powerful as an ocean wave, so a small wave shape, preferably in an epoxy construction was what I found best.

Surfing, Surfer, Wave Pool, Surf, Snowdonia, Kelly, Slater, Solite, Boots, Spray, Pro surfer, FCS
Off the top at Surf Snowdonia on an Epoxy Puravida Logo-Pro Surfboard

After over 6 hours on the water, by the end of the bank holiday weekend we were all shattered! Weather was perfect however and the water was super warm! I kept the booties on though as your feet tend to take a beating on the artificial "reef"!

Staying hydrated between marathon sessions with an Equinox Kombucha (of course)!

After a couple of hours on the wave, you get pretty tired! So it's good to take enough snacks and drinks for the day. I would even recommend taking two boards. One smaller one for the start of the day and something with a bit more volume for when your arms are feeling like noodles!

So all in all an absolutely EPIC trip! Massive thanks to Jim at Puravida Surfboards for inviting me up and providing some amazing boards to take out on the wave pool! All of the boards we tested up in Snowdonia can now be Demo'd at the surf shop in Penarth! Check the website out here:

Hope you enjoyed this little post! Should have a load more coming this week!

Nice1 for reading, see you next time yeah? :P


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